8 unique Elisyite values

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

There are a number of things that differ between The Royal Republic of Elisium and other countries of the world. Elisyites cherish these differences and so should you. Here's a roundup of just a few of the things that make the citizens of and the country of The Royal Republic of Elisium different from others.

1) We believe in freedom in its purest form.

Many countries provide many freedoms for their citizens. And, many more countries actively work towards providing more and more freedoms for their citizens as they work to change existing government structures and ideology. Sadly, there are some countries that claim to be freedom loving that have political parties working to reduce the freedoms in some of these countries.

However, The Royal Republic of Elisium already has those freedoms fully protected in its constitution. Everyone, from the Crown to the National Council to the Supreme Court, is bound by the constitution to stay out of the lives of its citizenry as much as possible.

2) We are the picture of peace loving

We will not be a source of unprovoked violence. There are many nations (we're looking at you, America) that force themselves into the lives of other nations through military incursion. What gives them the right to risk the lives of their citizens for the ideology that they hold true? What gives them the right to shed the blood of the citizens living in the countries that they invade? Financial wealth or a sometimes well-meaning agenda does not, in the hearts and minds of Elisyites, allow for violence towards another country.

3) Divorce? Never heard of it!

Throughout history, marriage between two people was a way of building wealth or uniting two different countries. In more recent times, it has come to mean that two people choose to swear before their god and everyone they know that they will spend the rest of their lives together. There are also, still, many religious connotations to the word "marriage" that are also tied to government funded benefits. But, we also know that marriage no longer means that two people will be together forever. Unfortunately, there are some financial penalties that many people face for choosing to leave relationships that are no longer happy or healthy.

The Royal Republic of Elisium understands that marriage is more fluid than at anytime in documented human history. To this end, we do not believe in government supported marriage. And, accordingly, we do not believe in government or court directed divorce. If you choose to leave your significant other, than that is between the two (or more) of you. Our government will never decide how to best divide your assets. They're your assets, after all.

4) How many different ways can you break the law?

Most countries have tens of thousands of laws. How many times have you heard, "Well, there's an old law still on the books that they can be charged with." Not here in The Royal Republic of Elisium. We are bound by the constitution to limit how we institute laws. Every single law that is put into place must first pass a redundancy test. If it's simply a change to an existing law, the proposed law must either be changed to an amendment of the existing law or the old law must be abolished.

5) No protection for corporate law breakers

In most countries, anyone can hide behind the shield of a business to either break the law, swindle the innocent, or ruin the environment. In The Royal Republic of Elisium, hiding inside a board room or office does not allow you to ruin people's lives. Both criminal and civil remedies have been built into our constitution to prevent anyone from becoming rich while hurting others or the environment.

6) We don't allow nuisance lawsuits

Our legal system will not be weaponized against the people or businesses of our great country. We have taken great lengths to make sure that innocent people or organizations cannot be forced into bankruptcy or silence because they cannot afford to either mount a defense against or seek financial justice in civil courts. The victor in any civil proceeding, court or mediation, is guaranteed to be reimbursed (plus 20%) for any and all legal costs. This is on top of any other award the courts or mediators say you're entitled to. So, if you enjoy filing nuisance lawsuits, you still can. By all means. But, you're going to make the person or organization you're filing against a bit of pocket change. And, if you know you're wrong, it's probably best to settle as quickly as possible.

7) Build that house on solid ground! (if you want)

Many areas of the world do not guarantee the mineral rights of land owners. This means that "fracking" or "under-mining" can occur under your house and you have no say about it. Your house can fall into a sinkhole and there's not much you can do. Well, except for filing a lawsuit that may take years to settle. That's if you have the funds to pursue it. In The Royal Republic of Elisium, you own your real estate down to the center of the earth. No one can ever destroy the foundation of your home, again.

8) You get to choose how you defend yourself and your family

The gun control debate rages in the USA and many other areas of the world. Not in The Royal Republic of Elisium! We've settled it and put it in our constitution.

Listen, we know this is a hot-button topic for many people. And, we don't want to start a debate (again). This is why it has been put, plainly and without reservation, that you have the absolute right to bear arms. There is no question. There are no back door ways to try to limit this right. It's yours!

These are just a few of the ways our country might differ from yours. We invite you to check out the rest of this site to learn more about The Royal Republic of Elisium!


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