The Path Towards Citizenship

The Royal Republic of Elisium Welcomes You

On behalf of every citizen of The Royal Republic of Elisium - Welcome! Your interest in applying for citizenship to our great nation warms our heart. Gathering together those that feel as strongly about personal rights and freedoms gives us strength and community. As you continue your path towards calling yourself an official Elisyite, we hope you gain a sense of pride and excitement, knowing that your heart has found its home.

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Citizenship Has Its Rewards

As a founding citizen of this great nation, you have an unparalleled opportunity to help shape this nation. Future citizens and scholars will look back to see the contributions that great people like you have given to make The Royal Republic of Elisium a shining example of what all nations should strive to become. How do you want history to remember you?

We Are Here For You

You might have questions before or after you fill out your citizenship application. We understand and we will help in any way that we can. Never hold back from asking for help or from seeking answers to your questions. Unlike many other nations around the globe, we pride ourselves on keeping the citizenry informed and educated. Just drop us a note and we'll get your answer as soon as possible.

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Citizenship Application

We may have other information that we require after reviewing this submission.

Do you wish to be considered for a "Waiver of Required Citizenship Length" in order to join a branch of the government?
Do you undertake the path towards citizenship without malice and with pure intentions?

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